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Release Notes: Real Colors 1.6.1 for Android

A new version of our app Real Colors for Android has been released. Here are the mot important changes: Improved fonts, paddings and other UI elements on devices with large screens Fixed various bugs on specific Android devices Added a Resources screen with all the ways you can reach us on the web Check out… Continue Reading

Release Notes: Real Colors 1.3.2 for iPhone

We are excited to announce that we released a new version for iPhone, which includes the following changes: Browsing palettes in the library is much easier now: we added the source photo next to the palette. Palettes can be easily deleted from the Library Added CMYK (US Web Coated profile): you can edit the colors… Continue Reading

New Contest – Urban Palette Contest

Urban Landscape Man is capable of great things. We build tools that help us harvest crops better, travel faster or survive in difficult conditions. A great part of man’s achievements come together in our cities. Our metropolis. There we see it all: fast transportation, huge skyscrapers, bridges, underground trains, advanced heating and cooling systems and, last… Continue Reading

Introducing Nature Palettes Contest

Inspiration from nature As humans we spend most of our lives contemplating on nature’s beauty. With every day lived on this Earth, we are discovering just a little bit more about our surroundings. As designers, nature plays a very important role in our creations. We have so much to learn from nature, just by observing… Continue Reading

We Won First Prize at Hackover, Bucharest

Inception It is a known fact that the hacking culture is well developed in Eastern European countries, and Romania makes no exception. This weekend, more than 200 hundred programmers gathered for a 24h hacking marathon at Hackover. We decided to take part as Makan Studios and implement something that has to do with the new… Continue Reading

Real Colors for iPhone is now available

After almost 100.000 downloads for our Real Colors app on Google Play, we are happy to tell you that Real Colors is now available for iPhone! Download Real Colors for iPhone: We built the iPhone app around the same unique technology that generates color palettes from photos by using color theory rules and we… Continue Reading

Real Colors won best mobile application at Webstock Awards 2012

We are pleased to announce that Real Colors won Best Mobile App at Webstock 2012 Awards. From our team, JJ and Mateo went to pick up the prize. We would like to thank the organizers for the free beer and the free fun we had. We met cool people also involved in the mobile world and… Continue Reading

Real Colors 1.0.11 Update

Real Colors 1.0.11 Update

In the last period we have received a lot of valuable feedback from our users. We included some of that feedback on a new version of our app. This is a minor update and it includes: an improved experience on 7 inch tablets, including the new Google Nexus 7 minor interface tweaks for a better… Continue Reading

Real Colors Presentation at Venture Connect

Last month we participated in Venture Connect, the biggest pitching event in Bucharest, Romania, with our app, Real Colors. We finally got our hands on the recording of the presentation, thanks to the organizers for that, and we would like to share it with you: As always, we are looking forward on your opinions about our work…. Continue Reading

The theory behind Real Colors

Short introduction As some of you know, we just launched Real Colors, an Android app that helps designers get inspiration anywhere by automatically generating color schemes from images. We implemented some unique algorithms that use popular color theory generation rules like monocromatic, triad, shades, analogus, complementary, split complementary or tetrad to create the perfect color schemes. Importance… Continue Reading