Introducing Nature Palettes Contest

Inspiration from nature

As humans we spend most of our lives contemplating on nature’s beauty. With every day lived on this Earth, we are discovering just a little bit more about our surroundings. As designers, nature plays a very important role in our creations. We have so much to learn from nature, just by observing we can take away that perfect proportion or the perfect color combination.


Real Colors App

Real Colors is an application created to capture color inspiration wherever you see it. It works by generating harmonious color palettes from photos taken directly with your mobile phone.

Until now, our users generated more than 250.000 color palettes. Some were shared, some were exported and then used on various projects. We believe that our users creativity needs to be cherished and rewarded.

To reward our users best work, we are launching a nature palette contest. We want to show the world the great color combinations our designers create using Real Colors and we want to reward the best of them with a T-Shirt with the winning color palette.

Nature Color Palette Contest

How to participate

Submit your own nature palette using our Android Real Colors app, directly from the palette screen. Download it for free here.

Download Android App

If you already have the app, upgrade it to the latest version.


The winner is the person whose palette gets the most votes until January 15, 23:59. The prize is a cool T-shirt with the winning color palette.

We convinced 2 very beautiful girls to show you how the T-Shirts will look like.




The palette has to be generated from a nature photo. Contest entries that don’t follow this rule, will be excluded from the contest.


We appreciate any feedback at:

Nature Color Palette Contest

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