How does it work?

After taking a photo using your camera, the app processes all the colors in the image by using a really clever algorithm and selects 5 colors in such a way that the resulting color palette is harmonious and best represents the image. If you have Real Colors Pro version, you will be able to add up some spice to our algorithm by choosing a color theory generation mode like monocromatic, triad, shades, analogous, complementary, split complementary or tetrad.

Some color rules are not available for a photo. Why is that?

Real Colors provides inspiration from real life. That means that for the color palettes we generate, we only use colors from the actual photo. Because we do this, it is possible to have insufficient colors for some color rules.
For example, in a photo that has only different reds, real, monochromatic and maybe shades will be available. The rest of the color rules do not have enough colors in the photo to be generated.

How can I delete color palettes from the library?

Every operating system (Android and iOS) has a different way of deleting color palettes:
Android: In Library, tap the pencil, on the upper right corner of the screen. Then tap on the palettes you want to delete, then tap the trash bin in the upper right corner.
iPhone: In Library, swipe on the palette you want to delete. A "Delete" button will appear. Tap it and the palette will be gone :)

What do I get if I buy Real Colors Pro?

Real Colors Pro helps you get really inspired by generating color palettes using popular color generation modes: monochromatic, triad, shades, analogous, complementary, split complementary or tetrad.

Some colors do not appear in the color palette. Why is that>

Real Colors simplicity comes from the fact that we created a completely automatic process to generate color palettes using color theory rules. Unfortunately, we did not include a mind reader in our algorithms :)
When we create a complementary color palette for a photo, we choose a color palette that would statistically represent best the colors in the photo. Of course, reducing an image to 5 colors can eliminate some colors that you would like to see in the result. To overcome this, you have the ability to edit the colors by simply tapping on them.

How fast is the application?

Because image processing is a time consuming job, we worked hard to make our algorithms as fast as possible. Depending on your hardware device, it may take somewhere between 1-2 seconds up to a minute to generate the color palettes for one image.

How can I use the color palettes generated with Real Colors?

All the color palettes are saved in the app Library for further referencing and sharing. You can also send detailed information about it (color codes, color distribution) by email.

Can I share my color palettes with friends from Facebook, Twitter of Google+?

Yes, you can share your color palettes with friends on Facebook and Twitter. On Android devices, you can share it to whatever social service you have installed. We are thinking about implementing sharing functionality to other social services too on iPhone. Please let us know what services you use, so we can make a better choice.