Best Android Emulators for PC | Download for Windows 10

Android Emulators are becoming the popular option to run all Android apps on PC. From app developers to avid gamers who want to play games on a larger screen, users desire to experience the Android OS on their PC and this is only possible with the best Android Emulator for PC.

Maybe you have designed an Android App and want to test it on PC or want to experience Android apps and games on a larger screen, the possibilities with Android Emulator are limitless. There are many Android Emulators which can be used on your Windows and MAC PC to download the Android Apps and Games with ease.

Best Android Emulator For PC:

Below is the list of top-rated Android Emulators for PC which is worth considering.

1. NOX Player

NOX Player is the best Android Emulator for PC, especially if you want to get Android games on your PC. The emulator works smoothly for all Android Apps and delivers you the best Android experience on your PC. The emulator is totally free and there is no charge for downloading and using the apps. It also allows the gamers to map the keys of gamepad, mouse, and keyboard.

Also, the users can also specify the RAM and CPU usages from the settings to achieve the best gaming experience and results. It also allows rooting of your Android device virtually in one minute.

2. BlueStacks

Another popular and widely used Android Emulator for PC is BlueStacks. This emulator is highly preferred for downloading Android games and apps on Windows PC. Apart from downloading the Android Apps, it also allows you to download the BlueStacks optimized apps from its built-in app store.

The emulator also supports keyboard mapping, but it lacks in mapping gestures. It works slower when downloading any productivity apps. But the latest version of the emulator performs smoothly and brings exceptional gaming performance. Above all, the emulator is totally free to use.

3. MEmu

Launched in 2015, MEmu is the new Android Emulator in comparison to others. The Android Emulator can be used on your PC to get all Android games, but it is also used for android apps and other productivity apps. In terms of speed, it offers the same performance as its counterparts.

MEmu emulator supports both Nvidia and AMD chips and also works smoothly with varied Android versions. It offers high-performance gaming experience, but the graphic performance is a bit sluggish.

4. Ko Player

Just like other gaming emulators for PC, Ko Player also offers lag-free gaming experience with its super light software. The emulator is totally free to use and you have to pay nothing to download the emulator. But there are some ads which may annoy you. Downloading and navigating the application is quite easy and simple and it supports gamepad emulation and keyboard mapping.

But sometimes it freezes out with blue screen and makes uninstalling of Android emulator difficult for users.

5. Genymotion

Genymotion is not yet considered to be the casual Android emulator as it is only targeted for the developers. This emulator allows the users to test the Android Apps on a variety of devices with diverse Android OS. The emulator is compatible and works smoothly with Android Studio and Android SDK.

Genymotion is designed mainly for the developers and hence it comes with several developer-friendly features and specifications. If you are looking for the ultimate gaming experience, then this is not the emulator for you.

6. Remix OS

Remix OS is not like the other Android Emulators out there. It is the entire Android OS that you can boot into. Unlike other emulators which can be downloaded and installed directly on Windows, this Android Emulator for PC needs to be installed on a separate partition.

The emulator can be stored in the USB device and can be booted from there to any PC directly. The emulator is perfect for productivity apps, but it doesn’t support any high-end games. The emulator is free to download and use and you don’t have to pay any money for using it.

7. ARChon

ARChon is not the big shot Android Emulator for PC and has a very small fan follower. This emulator is mainly designed to fix to run the Android Apps on Chrome browser. The emulator was launched when Google purchased the support for 2 or 3 Android Apps on Chrome browser. Following this, the developer has launched this emulator to run all Android Apps on Chrome.

This emulator is not meant for hardcore gamers, but it works efficiently and smoothly for productivity apps because of its easy access. It is totally free and comes with no monthly subscription charges.


So, this is the list of top-rated and best Android Emulators for PC which are worth downloading. You will also find other emulators online which you may consider downloading, but for smooth performance and experience consider the abovementioned list.

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