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The new COD mobile is an ambitious attempt from Activision to crack down a difficult to crack the market segment of mobile gaming. This new cod provides a multiplayer package that has adequate shooting and graphics content. Unlike classic cod, there isn’t a campaign in it, however, the multiplayer modes along with the battle royale mode make up for the lack of a campaign.

Activision has put forth an impressive display of their ability, however, the controls are slightly off and the microtransactions are going down as it is a free to play online shooter.

Call of Duty Mobile Apk – Introduction

You can never compare a controller with touch screen controls to control an entity, let alone the keyboard and mouse. The controls are somewhat laggy and the UI does not help at all. There is an inherent lack of precision along with speed, further your fingers are covering up a portion of the screen. COD thought that if it added enough buttons, it would make the task easier for a new player. However, it has completely turned the other way round, as the overabundance of buttons makes it difficult to spot what you’re looking for. Further, the icon density makes it difficult to spot enemies or grenades being thrown in your direction.

Perhaps the most confusing and arguable irritating fact that despite iOS and Android devices supporting controllers, COD mobile does not!

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For better or worse, tons of customisation!

Call of duty has made a name for itself with its plethora of customisations; the ability to change the skin of your weapon along with the player itself is simply amazing. The armor along with weapons looks slick, albeit the overall graphics are a peg down from concurrent pc and console graphics. The main lure of the game is cosmetic awards along with weapon customizations. The higher your tier, the better weapon attachments, better weapons itself. This makes it a tad bit difficult for new joiners to compete amongst fierce rivals. The premium skins for guns and grenades are marvelous, a sweet sight for online gamers, and the default payer skin could not be duller.

Perks and skins can be ground through game play, although this would be a very, very long grind. COD mobile is developed by Tencent, the developers of PUBG, therefore micro transactions are present along with a lot of buttons; you need to decide whether you would be able to live with it. Further, unlike PUBG, your tier determines your loadout. In Pubg you pray to the gods that you find better than average weapons once you land, however in COD you unlock weapons by progressing in various tiers.

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Battle royale 1 vs. 100

This is the best portion of the game (undoubtedly since Tencent developed it); it is impressive with its vehicles and various other bells and whistles. Moreover, you get to choose your preferred view third or first person. Now some might feel that people with third person views would have a static advantage over first-person shooters. The matchmaking tiers are completely different for FPP and TPP, you are sent to a different queue based on your choice.

The first person mode has intense moments when the zone is closing down on you and you have to keep yourself ready for any incoming trouble. In the third person, there is the absurd yet funny experience of getting in a helicopter or crashing it on the side of a mountain. The map is smaller than its peers as are the matches; however, it does not fail to produce exciting stories.


COD has a $ 10 premium pass and an exclusive $ 25 elite pass that unlocks a host of new weapons and attachments. There is a constant reminder that a store exists and that most of the interesting skincare locked behind paywalls. There are also options for unlocking smaller components by watching videos.

Final verdict

The COD franchise a juggernaut in this domain has managed to be a standout in the handheld platform. It has exciting game play and unlockables; unfortunately, it still is a touch screen controlled shooting game. Therefore, it is no match for its console and PC counterparts, but it is one of the best mobile shooting games.

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