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Google Play Store is the Android Marketplace designed and operated by Google. It is the official store of Google where you will find all Android games, apps, and other content for the Android powered devices including Android TV devices. Google Play Store APK is a huge marketplace that offers a variety of contents for Android devices. You will find both free and paid games and apps in this marketplace. On this store, you will find the list of some featured stories which would help novice users to know more about the marketplace and the process for downloading and installing the content on Android device.

Google Play Store APK comes pre-installed in all Android devices and hence you are not required to get it from any sources online. You will find all the contents that are designed legally for Android devices. But, the pirated and illegal apps and games are not available for download on this play store.

Google Play Store Apk: Introduction

Google Play Store Apk is considered to be the biggest umbrella of Google which covers most of the Android apps and games. Google also has other services like Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Books, and Google Play Newsstand. All these services by Google are already available in your respective device because it comes pre-installed on your device. Google Play Store where you will find all the apps and games for downloading and purchasing by spending hard-earned money. Not all services are available in every nation and hence you might be missing some of its services. This is where Google is still working to ensure that all the available services can be delivered to users regardless of their geographical locations.

Benefits of  Google Play Store Apk:

  • Google Play Store APK is considered to be the largest app marketplace for Android device
  • You will find a wide variety of apps and games on this marketplace
  • The application offers both paid and free version of apps and games
  • It allows downloading of the paid and free apps and games and also allows you to make purchases of premium apps without any hassles
  • The home page of the application provides you with the suggestion list based on your past behaviour in the Google Play Store
  • It provides a recommendation of games which you love the most based on your previous downloads
  • You are required to have only Google ID to gain access to the app marketplace for free
  • There is no registration charge for using the marketplace for downloading apps and games
  • It has a discussion forum and community forums where you can find discussions related to Google Play Store and its apps. This gives you ideas about the apps. There are also reviews for every app and you can easily make the decision of downloading the apps based on the reviews of customers.

How to Download Apps & Games from Google Play Store:

If you are already having Google ID you can easily register with Google Play Store APK and start downloading your favorite apps and games. But if in case you are not having the Google ID the registration with the app store won’t be possible. So, create a Gmail account and use the ID and Password for registering with the Google Play Store. After registering with the play store it is the time to download all your favorite apps and games for free.

  • You need to use the dedicated search bar at the top of the home page and type the name of the application that you want to download. A list of apps will be provided and from the list, you need to click on the app which you want to download.
  • Once you click on the application the downloading process will start. Remember the downloading may take time depending upon the speed of the network you are connected to
  • Once the downloading is over the installation will start automatically. You need to wait until the installation is over. After the installation is done a shortcut of the app will be created on the home screen of your device.
  • Click the app icon from the home screen and enjoy it

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