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As is suggested by its name, Kingroot App is truly the king of all Android rooting apps in the market. But before we actually get on to knowing more about its use and features, let’s give a short peek into the term “rooting” for non-tech savvy phone users.

What does Rooting Mean?

The term is used to imply gaining the highest authority over your Android smartphone in order to access some of the deeper level data stored in your phone. This is also known as root access, which sounds appropriate since the app enables users to literally get to the root of their Android operating system.

Your phone has certain subsystems wherein some data and features may be stored and may not otherwise be accessible to the phone user. Also, you may not be able to install certain apps for some reason.

How does Kingroot App Help?

For all the reasons stated above, downloading Kingroot App comes in handy. The app provides easy access to your Android’s data subsystems and enables you to install apps on your phone which you weren’t earlier too. Besides that, the app also facilitates enhancing the phone’s performance by optimizing its data and features.

How to Root your Android with Kingroot App on PC?

If you have an OS between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1, downloading the Kingroot app will literally root your Android in just seconds. This means faster and more efficient performance to look out for from your Android smartphone. The best thing is that you can use this app even with the Android Lollipop version.

To root your Android using Kingroot app on your PC, follow the steps explained below:

  1. Install KingRoot on your Android smartphone. Once the installation is complete, launch the program.
  2. Now connect your phone to a PC via USB. Your PC may ask you to set up debugging mode. Follow the instructions to do so to avoid connection failure.
  3. Upon successful connection, the program will carry out phone detection to check for compatibility.
  4. In case your phone hasn’t been rooted yet, click on Start to Root. The rooting process will commence.
  5. Upon initiation, your phone will restart itself. Once rooting completes, a message “Successfully Gained Root” will appear on the screen.

How to Root Android Device Directly with Kingroot App?

In case you wish to root your Android smartphone or tablet directly using the app, follow this simple procedure mentioned below –

  1. Install the Kingroot App on your Android device. Upon installation, launch the app and run it.
  2. If your phone hasn’t been rooted yet, you will receive a prompt stating “Root access is unavailable”. Now you need to click on Start Root to commence the rooting process.
  3. While the phone is being rooted, you can see its progress on your screen. Upon completion, you will receive a notification saying “Root successfully”. This now means that you can remove any unwanted apps, clean up your system, and enjoy speedy and enhanced system performance.

Points to Note before Rooting your Android:

Before you get on to rooting your Android device, please keep the following in mind:

  • Back up your phone or tablet. This is important because, in case of any failure in rooting, you will still be able to restore all previous Android data.
  • Your Android device needs to have sufficient battery power, at least 50% before you start rooting it. This is because in case the phone runs out of battery while rooting is in progress, the device is likely to brick (stop functioning can’t be recovered).
  • Always go for installing the Kingroot App from reliable and trusted websites. This would prevent undue harm to your PC or smart device, and also ensure smooth functioning of the app upon installation.

Final Words

Rooting your Android seems to be an excellent option to gain access to otherwise inaccessible data on your device, experience faster and efficient system performance, as well as install those apps which may not otherwise be permitted. However, remember to do it with care by following the steps described above, to avoid any potential harm to your Android. Also, remember that you may not be able to root your Android phone with Mac.

Kingroot 1$


Kingroot app allows you to Root your Android Mobile without using Computer. You can download Premium Apps for free.


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  • Improved UI
  • Can use Premium Apps for free


  • Not Availbale in Playstore
  • Ads – No premium version
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