Last Day On Earth Mod Apk | Download V1.15 (Free Craft)

Are you thinking of relaxing a bit by playing Last Day on Earth? Then let’s take the challenge of The Last Day on Earth. The game was developed by Kefir and support android 4.1 and above version. The size of the app is 120.5 MB. Are you ready to travel the amazing journey of the Last Day on Earth? It is a Zombie survival game which you will definitely crave for. In this game, you have to survive at the cost of friendship, love or anything else. To survive in the game, you need to take quick decisions and tactical reasoning.

Last day on Earth Mod APK, the name itself says gamers will be given the experience of last days on Earth. Globally the game has been enjoyed. You can see only a very few survivors left. You have to test your luck and have to survive in the game as long as possible. You have to avoid blood addicted zombies around you throughout your journey.

Story of Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

You will agree that before starting to play any game, the plot is very important. Let’s take a glimpse of one of the most popular games Last Day on Earth. Its set up is based on 2027 where most human beings are infected with zombie viruses. Rest human beings like you who are surviving can do whatever they want. You also need to build a radio tower to make a connection with other players online out there. Additionally, during the game, you have to continuously collect resources to build a house that will protect you from zombies’ attacks. You do have to collect other resources like weapons and cars as well. During all your tasks in-game, you have to keep yourself safe from zombies’ attacks.

Key features of Last Day on Earth:

Several attractive features of Last Day on Earth game you will get to see:

  • Unlimited gold coins and money are being added. Number of gold coins will keep increasing based on the number of gold coins you spend. You can invest as much as gold coins on Skills, MAP, on Shop, XP Boosts.
  • Magic Spilt will help you multiply any items you wanted to split.
  • You can craft in an unlimited manner without accessing proper resources. So you need not be requiring any resources to craft a building.
  • Guys, in this particular MOD, duration of your weapons and armor will increase indefinitely.  So, your armor will always there with you to survive zombies attack.

Not only that!

  • You will be relief to know that you won’t be facing any health-related issues like thirst and food. MOD will help you by restoring all your hunger, health and thirst rapidly.
  • Don’t worry gamers! This game supplies unlimited boosters and unlimited energy. You will just have to buy their booster using your gold coins.
  • The last day on Earth is really a fun and engaging games popular among people for its unique and un-matching graphics. You will experience real-life and perfect high-end graphics.
  • It’s really amazing! You will get to fly a chopper or to drive a car with an unlimited supply of fuel.
  • You don’t need any special software for downloading Last day on Earth. Simply having android 4.1 on your device will do the job. So, simply download, install and run the game easily.

Points to remember to Survive Last Day on Earth

  • In this game, your journey will start by killing zombies. Thus you have to make efficient strategies to keep yourself alive in virtual open world situations. It is a straight cut game where your winning chances keep increasing based on your survival timings.
  • You have to keep yourself calm and craft. You need to modify your skills continuously and make more dangerous weapons against deadly zombies and other online players. Start by knocking their heads off!
  • You need to build a strong shelter to save your life and belongings from other survivors and deadly zombies walkers. Proper crafts and tarps can make them regret their decisions of stealing from you.
  • So you have to keep your resources safe from getting stolen by Zombies. You need not worry! This MOD provides a god-level privilege that includes various superpowers. You can use all these superpowers to make your play ease a little.
  • You have to fight alone against your enemies. You have to dominate this unleashing and insensitive world in your own terms and conditions. Hunt them or become their prey!
  • You can find many useful tools to make your zombie survival transport. Never miss the opportunity to fly chopper through the deadly atmosphere.
  • What’s more dangerous? Wild animals, cold, thirst and hunger can kill make a stop to your survival even faster than murderous zombies.
  • You can find the most valuable resources in military survivors’ bases and camps. You can travel to a ruined city after crafting your survival vehicle. You can also safely travel to a distant region to build your shelter.
  • Another trick is to join a clan for more opportunities, more chances and more powers. You can also claim territories along with your clan and make others do work for you.

Below, you will get to know the steps following which you can download and install: Last Day on Earth Game.

Steps to install Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

You can avail this game online and free of cost.  Are you among the persons who are facing problems while installing Last Day on Earth? Then you have no longer to worry as quick step by solution you will get to see.

  • You will start the process by downloading both OBB file and APK file in your Smartphone.
  • Now, you require installing Last Day Earth Mod Apk file in your smartphone.

Hey! Enjoy! Start playing the game today!

Elements you receive after installing Last Day on Earth:

  • You will win coins for shopping in the game.
  • You will get to draft your own things without the need for any resources
  • Do you find playing virtual games interesting? Then gear up yourself because it will provide you with 96 levels.
  • You can achieve up to Two Lakh gold coins.
  • You can earn you skill points up to 100.

Difficulty level of Last Day on Earth:

Indeed the difficulty level of the game is high as you won’t be receiving any instructions by the publisher during your play. The only way to survive the extreme condition is to become stronger by leveling up yourself. Every time you build, collect and destroy, you will be rewarded with experience points.

New Updates of Last Day on Earth

  • You will get season 3 of this game
  • There is a new defense of fort moss
  • Two new swamp location will make your play more adventurous
  • You can avail of new varieties of resources.
  • Improvement in racks present in the basement of your house.
  • You can avail auto-clear location in its recent updates.
  • You can now avail mercenaries as a weapon to kill deadly zombies.
  • Last day on Earth game is currently supporting both android and iOs for free

Gamers’ Review

User One: The game is really addictive in nature, but mentioning one issue regarding the multiplayer part of the game. User one suggests adding team survival for better gaming experience but still gave five stars to this game.

User Two: After playing Last Day on Earth for a long time, I never thought of uninstalling it. But user two commented that the invaders do not make their presence on radio.


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