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The video streaming experience on Smartphone has been enhanced significantly after the advent of video players. When we discuss media players, the first application that strikes our mind is the MX Player App. This is one of the best media players of today that enables you to stream videos both offline and online with lot many features.

Besides being free to use application for video streaming, it delivers you the ultimate streaming experience. It has two version one is totally free and the other one is Pro Version that has some added advantages over the free version. Both the versions offer you the same streaming experience, but the Pro version is free from annoying ads which pop-up in between. Plus the Pro Version comes with some advanced hardware acceleration and subtitles support which is lacking with the free version of MX Player App. Below you will come across with a comprehensive review of the application which will help you to know if downloading the application is worthy for you or not.

Features of MX Player App:

  • Hardware Acceleration – The media player comes with multiple media encoders which can be used to accelerate the hardware of your Smartphone for better streaming performance. The media player comes with a built-in special decoding engine called HW+ and using this hardware in your Smartphone can help you play the videos and movies in its maximum capacity. If your video file is having less volume, then simply switch to the SW coder which enables you to maximize the volume to a certain length. There are also other custom codecs which you may download on your Smartphone for better watching experience and performance.
  • Variety of Gesture Support – MX Player App is designed to support a variety of gestures and this makes navigation easier on the media player. It supports pinch-zoom in and zoom out feature and you may even slide on the screen to fast forward the video or skip the video while streaming. There are many other gestures which you will find on this media player which would enhance the ease of accessing the application.
  • Supports Subtitles – Subtitles make streaming really very easy for people, especially when watching any foreign movies or videos. It lets you know what is happening in the scene through the subtitles. But not all media player supports subtitles. But MX Player supports a variety of subtitle formats and you can even submit the subtitle file into the directory and activate it before streaming. It even gives you the option for downloading the precise subtitles from online sources. It completely depends on you whether you want to use the local subtitles or go for the one that can be downloaded directly from the interface of the app directly. There are gestures of subtitles and you can change the size and colour of subtitles.
  • Child’s Lock – If you are having kids around you then probably you will know how challenging it is to stream videos without any distraction. They may touch the screen and the video would fast forward or zoomed suddenly, ruining your overall streaming experience. But, to address the issue the developer has recently added the child’s lock feature and if you activate it you don’t need to open the video again or set it on correct position to resume from where you have left last. This feature would only deactivate when you touch on any part of the screen. So, the kids won’t have the clue where to touch and hence you would have no issues in resuming with the playback.

Download & Install MX Player Apk For Android:

Well, downloading of MX Player App is not a rocket science and you don’t have to use any 3rd party sources online to download it. The application is available for download on Google Play Store. So, if you are already registered with Play Store with valid Google ID then you may proceed to download the application on your respective device. Below are the steps which you need to follow in order to download the application on your respective Android device.

  • You are required to go to the Google Play Store and login using your Google ID
  • On the home screen of the play store you will see the dedicated search bar from where you can search for the media player
  • Type of the name of the media player on the search bar and click the search button
  • From the search result click on the icon of the media player to start the downloading process and as the downloading process completes the installation will start and may take a few minutes to get completed.

Once the media player is downloaded and installed launch it from the home screen of your device and enjoy streaming videos through this media player.

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