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Safari is the safest and speedy browser that has been developed for Apple users. Safari lets you surf with more updated versions, which means more of the new features every time. Safari is the world’s fastest browser that gives you the best web experience of browsing, so you can’t miss your browsing. Well, Safari is compatible with windows also. Here’s the good news for windows users who wish to use Safari in windows. Now, install and use apple safari on windows.  

However, you know what, there is a drawback in using Safari in windows as well. In windows, you can only use the old safari version 2012 that has not been updated. Since earlier Safari was in windows and now the new version is only available in Mac and not windows. The old version does not provide you all the features, and people, as known, also face security issues.

However, if you need to install Safari in windows, then you will get the Safari 5.1.7, and it is available for Windows 10, Windows 8 and also Windows 7. Now, if you need to have apple safari in windows, then here are the steps to install and run Safari in windows 10.

Download Safari for Windows PC: Steps

  • Open Chrome or any other browser that you have in windows.
  • On your Windows PC, download Safari by clicking here.
  • When you open this page, you find some add on that you can use to install the safari extensions in your browser.
  • Choose the latest version you can see and click on download.
  • After downloading is done, tap on save SafariSetup.exe.
  • As it is done, tap on ‘run.’ This step is elementary, and you use to perform while you download any extension to your windows.
  • While you install Safari in windows, make sure you set it as the default browser in windows. However, as it is an outdated version, don’t download any file or software in it.
  • Now, launch Safari in windows. Also, browse and much as you want with Safari.
  • When Safari installation is complete, launch Safari in Windows, it is ready to browse 2x faster.

However, as known, people are not able to have the updated features that the old version of Safari, so it lacks many features that mac users can experience. If you want advanced characteristics of Safari and you are willing to use Safari as a default browser in windows, then, don’t go for this option to download Safari in windows 

How to Use Safari On Windows?

However, yes, you can browse on Safari in an optimized state if you are going to use it on Windows 10. However, it is not advisable to access your bank accounts, make payments, and access any site that requires your personal information. Now, let’s see how you can use Safari online that gives you a secure and updated version, so go for using online versions than downloading it as a default browser in your windows.

  • For using Safari, you have to create a new account and log in. 
  • On the left side of the screen, you can see the ‘live testing’ icon, and then click on ‘Start a Live Test.’ Open the menu, and click on the Mac OSX version on desktop.
  • Enter the website and tap on the ‘run test.’ 
  • when you tap on the ‘run test’ icon will automatically select Safari 11, and the site will load. 
  • Check up all the settings such as scaling, screenshots, and recordings from the menu bar.

If you want to have an installed version of Safari for your windows, then, go to macOS. Also, tap on ‘Safari 5 Free Download’. Download the run the app. Then, open the ‘downloads’ folder and bring the icon to the desktop in windows. Now, browse at your speed and understand the real meaning of web browsing with safari browser without ads. Safari offers you the full level of privacy with third-party cookies blocking and intelligent tracking prevention.  

Safari for Windows 1$


Safari is Web broweser from Apple. Its officially discontinued in 2012. If you want to Download Safari for Windows 10 PC Now, You can follow this guide.


  • Fast & Securde Browsing
  • Good Alternative for Chrome
  • Best UI & UX
  • Developed by Apple


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