Spotify++ App – Download for iPhone & Android

Spotify++ is the same Spotify music application but the tweaked version. It is the modified version of official Spotify Application which unlocks all premium features that are accessible only upon payments. The official version of Spotify is available in two versions – Premium and Free. The free version of the application comes with many annoying ads and average sound quality and you don’t get the option to stream music offline and you can’t skip music.

But, with the premium version of Spotify App you get all such freedom along with additional benefits. But for the premium version you have to shell out huge sum of money which may empty your pocket. So, to avoid the cost involved in the process you may download Spotify++ on your device for free and it needs no rooting of the device.

Spotify++: Best Music Player Application

There are many good reasons to install Spotify. Firstly, it gives you access to all the features that come with the premium version of the Spotify App and without any cost. Since it is the 3rd party application, it is not available on App Store and you need to download it from online sources. However, you don’t have to pay any money as it is totally free of cost.

Moreover, all the annoying ads that you find with the free version of the Spotify App would be removed in the tweaked version and you can the option for skipping unlimited songs with it. So, these reasons are enough and it gives you the idea of why installing Spotify++ iPhone is better than upgrading the free version to premium on payment of huge money monthly.

  • Downlaod Spotify++ for iPhone using Tweakbox.

Features Of Spotify++ App:

  • Spotify++ allows the users to enjoy unlimited music tracks whenever and wherever they want without any restrictions. So, you can launch the app and enjoy streaming your favorite music without any restrictions.
  • There will be no restrictions on annoying ads in between your music streaming experience. You won’t see any ads popping up in between which simply ruin your overall streaming experience
  • Spotify++ also allows the users to access music offline and this way they can enjoy streaming music without any internet connectivity. Even if your device is not connected to internet you can enjoy streaming music for free and without interruptions
  • Since there is no need for downloading the music tracks with Spotify++, the internet space of your device will be saved. You can stream your favorite music and store it on the Spotify server without using the internal space of your device
  • Spotify++ gives you access to the premium feature of the device and hence you will be allowed to perform unlimited shuffle from one track to another in breeze. You will be allowed to pause, resume, replay and even skip the tracks quickly without any restrictions.

Spotify++ Android App: Download & Install for Android & iPhone

The downloading process of Spotify++ is very simple and easy. As mentioned earlier, Spotify++ is the 3rd party application and hence you won’t find the application for download on Play Store. Therefore it is necessary that you download it from online reliable sources. There are many sources online, but ensure to download it from some reliable websites.

  • Open Ac Market App on your Phone & download the latest premium version of Spotify++ and store it on the SD card of your device
  • Now you have to go to the settings of your device to enable the option of “Unknown Sources” without enabling it your device won’t accept APK files from unknown sources online. Enable it from security settings of your device
  • Now go back to the file manager and access the folder where you have stored the downloaded APK file of Spotify++.
  • Click on the file to extract the .exe files and then the downloading process would start automatically. You need to wait for few minutes until downloading is over.
  • After downloading is done the installation process would start and after the installation is done successfully you can launch the application and enjoy streaming unlimited music like premium version.

These were the steps that you need to follow in order to complete the downloading process of Spotify++.

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