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Since childhood, all of us have been raised in an era where TV played a major role in the way we grew. The TV had become an essential part of our lives. However, now we can’t take out enough time to sit and watch TV owing to the lack of convenience. This is where apps such as Thoptv come to our rescue. In this article, we are going to talk about ThopTV and how to download Thoptv. Furthermore, we are going to tell you how you can get access to Thoptv on Android and PC. Entertainment is one of those industries which play a major part in our lives. Movies, Games, TV Shows, Video, Photos, etc, all constitute part of it. Every single day we look up to these means of entertainment.

We are witnessing an era where VR Gaming, Realistic Games, and many more inventions are coming in the industry. However, still, the most popular source of amusement is TV, particularly movies and TV shows. As mentioned earlier, with passing time, we are spending less and less time watching TV in a traditional way. The inconvenience that television offers aren’t appreciated by the people of this fast moving era. This is the reason why we prefer online TV to watch videos and shows. They provide the convenience that we strive for and are suitable for the fast moving generation that we live in.

A Brief Information About ThopTV Apk:

A search on Google Play Store about “TV App” would bring hundreds of results for you. Many of the apps would indeed present TV channels you can watch. However, most of them wouldn’t be able to satisfy your requirements. Each one of them is facing some sort of restrictions which make it impossible to deliver good content.

Till a few months back, ThopTV used to be one of the few apps which provided all the things that one desired from a TV app. However, owing to some regulatory measure the app had to be withdrawn from the Google Play store. It was a traumatic experience for both app users and developers. At that time, it had several million downloads and it was rated highly by its users.

The fan following remained intact even after the app was ousted from the store. The reason behind this is that it provides the best content as compared to any other app. The number of features and quality content offered is unmatched.

Features of ThopTV App:

1. More than 3000 Channels

The average person has wide range of taste when it comes to watching movies and TV series. A set of ten or twenty channels can’t make up to the requirements. This is where ThopTV takes an edge. It provides more than 3000 channels to the user to browse content from. All of them serve content which appeals to different sort of audience. So there is a lot out there for every set of audience.

2. Music on demand

ThopTV serves the music enthusiasts too and there are several radio channels for the same. Through ThopTV, you can browse more than 5000 radio channels and stream music as per your wishes. All these radio stations cater to different music taste and is therefore beneficial for people of all age.

3. High Quality Videos

From the past few years owing to good internet and progress in technology, we have developed less tolerance for low quality videos. Anything below 720p or worse 480p is seldom accepted. ThopTV has taken this into consideration and made sure that all of the content is provided in HD or semi HD quality. None of the videos is available on sub-par or unwatchable quality.

4. Subtitle Support

Many people aren’t particularly thorough/comfortable with a language. They need some means which help them in understanding the content if it’s in some other language. This is when subtitles come to the rescue. ThopTV has made sure that subtitles are provided to the users so that they can properly enjoy the content. These are available in different languages and services to the large size of the audience.

5. Audio Language Support

We already talked about Subtitles, now comes the time to talk about Audio support as well. Many of us aren’t comfortable with subtitles and prefer listening to audio when watching movies or TV shows. ThopTV has taken this into consideration and provided the audio option to viewers so that they can enjoy the content in the language they prefer. Furthermore, the audio quality is top notch and makes the viewing experience even better.

6. Support for different devices

Modern technology requires that all the gadgets and devices be compatible among themselves. The interference of all the devices makes the experience even more better. The developers of this app have made sure that it follows the same principle. This is the reason why it supports multiple gadgets like Amazon Fire stick, Smart TV among others.

7. Chat

How many apps TV apps have you seen which provides chat feature. ThopTV is one of those, and provides a public chat option. It helps you in communicating with other users. Along with that you can make friends, share your problems related to app and other things. You can even associate with like minded people who share the same interests as you when it comes to TV.

8. Search

An app like ThopTV would be empty if it doesn’t provide the option of searching for favourite TV shows and movies. ThopTV has powerful search feature which brings the exact results that one desires.

9. Notice Board

This feature brings all the recent updates and information related to the app and its content. You’ll be notified whenever there is some new feature introduced. It serves the important purpose of keeping you updated.

10. Dashboard

It is that part of the app where you manage all the stuff happening in the app. It increases the accessibility of the app and helps in several ways. You can add your favorite shows, use watch later option. In order to use to feature you need to authenticate your account through Google or Twitter, etc.

Must Check: Download Tweakbox to install Thoptv on iOS.

Steps to Download & Install ThopTV Apk on Android:

Step 1: In order to get it on your Android phone, first of all, download the Apk version of the app. This is so because you won’t find it on the Google Play store or some other place. Click here to download the same.

Step 2: Now go to your phone settings and tap on the Allow third party app. To say it in other words, remove the restriction of installing a third party app.

Step 3: Now, just tap on the Apk file and follow the normal process of installing the app. You are done with the installation process and now you can enjoy the app.

Steps to get ThopTV on PC:

In order to get ThopTV on PC, follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: First of all you need to install Bluestacks. It is an Android emulator and helps in using the android apps available. It simulates the same experience that you get while using the phone on an Android Phone. BlueStacks is the best emulator available out there and you can download the same from Here.

Step 2: Now download the Apk version from ThopTV from Aptoide to your PC.

Step 3: After that just open Bluestacks and go to My Apps as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Step 4: After that select Apk install, the option is available on the bottom part of the emulator.

Step 5: Now just select the Apk file of ThopTV that you just downloaded. It would be in the downloads section of your PC.

Step 6: After doing this, the emulator would automatically install the app. This is how you would be able to use ThopTV app on your Personal computer.

So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.



ThopTV is an Android app to watch all live tv channels for free. According to sources this App is not legal, thats wht not available in PlayStore & App Store.


  • Free Tv Streaming
  • Sports, News & All Genres
  • Improved UI & UX


  • Not Legal App
  • More Ads
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