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Everyone’s gotta get famous, and everyone’s gotta gets famous in no time & without any major investments or with leakage in their funds. Teens in our country still got the same craze as their grandparents did in their teenage, to either become a cricketer or to become a movie star. Well, the so-called alien technology by the people of the one-eyed pyramid association always surprises us with something new every day.

Tik Tok App

Here we have a new app which could make you famous among your social group and in return just let it use some of your mobile data. The ‘Tiktok’ app here enables you to shoot videos with the help of your own household surroundings and even if not just stand beside a tree and start to lip-sync along with the song. This article talks about the usage & details of this app and what made it break the billboards so easily without any major time spent waiting after its launch.

Download Tiktok Apk – Latest version 2019

Tiktok is a social networking app, with its type specified as Video Sharing. The app is offered to its users by music.ly. Hitting the limits, Tiktok is mostly used in Asian countries having also called Douyin, which means “vibrato short video” in Chinese.

Launched in recent years in Asiatic countries, it has panned across the globe has its own community around and over 22k downloads. Tik Tok is available on both the Play Store and the iOS App Store. The developers BYTEMOD PTE.LTD. have made it available for almost all the android versions from 4.1.2 to highest and the latest version that is being introduced of Tiktok to the users is 9.1.0. Download Tiktok app from Below Links.

 Tiktok For Android


 Tiktok For iOS

  • If you not able to use playstore, you can use Aptoide app for Android and Tweakbox for iPhone.

Tiktok App Working Process:

It introduces you to a number of preloaded audio tracks, which allows you to lip-sync into a video of either dialogue from a movie or a song of your choice and makes it into a max 60-second clip. Though the time limit is a constraint, it has glorified itself for 15-sec clippers. The app has also covered petting videos, food, beauty, popular videos, etc. It allows you to edit the clip use stickers along with your video or use different kinds of filter.

With a massive variety of genre in music, its user can either go live by broadcasting themselves among the Tiktok community or just simply save and share. However, you’ll have to make an account of yourself. The app adapts your likes and tastes depending upon your recently visited creators and suggest you the same kind of videos and clips. It also personalizes your video feed/timeline based on what you share, like and watches.

How to create a clip in the TikTok App:

Just like a normal recording in your phone’s camera, this app has got a “press and hold record button” function to record a clip. But before that, some much more interesting procedures have to be gone through.

Once you open the app, you will see a plus + sign at the bottom of the screen, which will help you to Record your videos. Pressing the button will take you to the almost infinite gallery of sounds and other audio files from your favorite movies or by any artist. The music has got a vast selection category, varied from a number of genres from pop, hip-hop, electronic, Bollywood and many more.

Next up is you gotta select your favorite track on which you would like to mimic or lip sync a video. People also tend to choose a song on which they either dance, lip sync or go for a makeup tutorial. After selecting your preferred track, you will see a red bar, which is basically the app asking permission to “shoot a video with this sound.”  By pressing it, you are taken to a screen where you can trim or cut short down the song or the audio file to the exact part you need for your video.

To cut the audio track, you will have to select the scissors icon on your left-hand side of the screen. Then just drag the sin wave or more specifically the audio file to your needed part and select the checkmark beside the “drag and trim” option.

Now, choose the speed you want your video to play at. It has got five options, 0.1, 0.5 these two option makes your video track slower than normal.  1 has got a normal running speed without any alterations, and then you have got multiple of 2 and 3 which, as the name suggests it’s going to multiply or in simple words speed up your video by the running speed of 2 and 3.

Just as mentioned above, it works as simple as your phones recording app, so you’ve got the switch between front and back camera, a timer and a flash option as well as an effective option, on the right-hand side of the screen. Now you just have to hold the Rec. button to start shooting the video and remove your finger when you are done shooting it. Just another reminder, the max you can pull a video clip is 60 sec, which is a minute of video.

The user has also got a hands free option, by which it means you will have to choose the stopwatch from your options provided on the right side and let it countdown before you start recording. You can simply touch the stop button at the bottom of the screen when you are done with the shooting. After the rec. you have still got the option to make adjustments to your video clip and audio track. Select the icon of filters to skip between hues of your video clip. Add effects using the filter and time option to your video and save it.

Select next, when completed effects, add caption tag people, you can also share it along with your other social media. The app also gives you the option to either keep it in the drafts or to directly post it.


The app provides you with the ability to keep your videos between your own circle and safe from others in privacy settings. Which will also allow you to get along in a duet with random people from around the world or just to let people of your choice come in duet with you.

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