5 Best Apps to Track Mobile Number with Name & Location

In the fast growing world of technology, mobile has become one of the essential commodities of human lives. Mobile has become a necessity for every individual. Almost every individual has suffered from the experience of misplacement or loss of mobile.

Mobile tracking apps have served as a savior in much worse cases.

Track Mobile Number – 5 Best Apps & Features

1. Mobile Number Locator (200)

Unmatched flexibility is offered by the app named Mobile Number Locator when it comes to tracking down a mobile number of a particular area. This is a free Android oriented app that helps to display real time whereabouts of a user. Mobile Number Locator acts efficiently during a landline call too.


A fully functional 3D Google map is associated with the Mobile Number Locator App. This app covers each and every code that is used globally. The app offers an authentic feature known as ‘caller identification’ that allows knowing about the details regarding the caller before answering.  Caller location can be tracked on the map, any Indian mobile number along with STD or ISD code can be identified and tracked by the help of this app without internet access. This app displays the name of service providers on each call. The search feature of Mobile Number Tracker helps to search for information on any mobile number.

  • Access to the internet is not necessary for the usage of this app.
  • The phone locator works effectively without the Internet.
  • The app has a unique calling and messaging options through which one can connect to anyone.
  • The origin area, name of operator can be viewed through a call log list provided by this app. The exact location of the user can be viewed in the 3D Google map.
  • The app only tracks phone numbers of a few countries only.
  • Any number of ported from mobile cannot be traced with the help of Mobile Number Locator app.

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2. Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker helps to track any number’s location in the user’s locality. Information regarding the service provider of the caller, CDMA or gsm and many more can be retrieved by the use of this application. Details of any Indian mobile number can be tracked by this app. Name, state, district and distance of the caller from the current location can be identified and judged by Arrow Display option.

  • This android application is a free service that comes along with an inbuilt GPS map.
  • This helps to track the location of the caller’s number. GSM, CDMA or state mobile service providers are supported by this.
  • Any number can be tracked effectively by this application regardless of the network service provider’s information. Only two simple steps can help in retrieving the phone numbers.
  • Cheap quality of this application has been reported by multiple users. The diversity of the application is low.
  • Tracking phone numbers are only effective in the presence of an active internet connection.

3. Caller ID & Number Locator

Caller ID and number locator is an effective free phone tracker service which is highly flexible and dependable. This application brings a combination of caller identifier and number locator.


This number tracker application contains a huge evenly stored database range of different cities that helps in the simplified tracking process. Before answering a new call the ID feature of the caller helps in the identification of the real caller. An optional call block feature is provided additionally with this application.

  • An active internet connection is not always necessary for the usage of this application.
  • Mobile numbers can be searched globally over 200 countries with the help of a diversifies database.
  • ID, as well as the present location of the caller, can be tracked as this application acts combined. Annoying calls and callers can be blocked with the help of a call blocker feature.
  • This also helps to avoid unwanted disturbances. The exact caller location can be pinpointed with the help of an inbuilt map.
  • Mobile phones below Android version 4.0 are not applicable for using Caller ID and Number Locator application.

4. Truecaller Phone Tracker

Secret has revealed that Truecaller Phone Tracker is the leading phone tracker app globally. The communication system is made safe and efficient with the help of truecaller application. Unknown caller’s details can be found out by this application. Unwanted calls can be filtered with the help of a call blocking option. Phone book details can be filled up by the use of the caller’s social media profile.


Lookup services of this application are entirely free which provides useful information about the searched phone number. Automatic search of database helps to identify incoming calls when the match is not found in the phone’s logbook.

  • Contacts of the phone book are not uploaded online like other applications.  A search history of one’s phone number can be accessed easily.
  • This app provides easy calling facilities directly from the truecaller app.
  • Authentic location services are provided by this app. A contact database is created automatically by this app which makes the tracking procedure easy.
  • An active internet connection is required.

5. Trace Mobile Number

This tracking application is authentically designed for Android mobiles only. Targeted devices’ live location can be accessed with this app.


Unlike other tracking services of different trackers trace mobile number provides authentic and accurate results. Main feature of this application is allowance of offline services. New data and functions are added continuously by the developer for providing best services.

  • Name of the cellular network provided can be viewed during every call.
  • No extra skills are needed for using this application.
  • Complaints have been made regarding the tracking functions of this application.

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