VLC Player App | Download Latest 3.1.7 Apk For Android

VLC Media Player is the open source, cross platform multimedia player that is widely used for a variety of good reasons. It is totally free to use and supports a variety of file formats without the need for any extra codec. The VLC Player App is designed to optimize the overall video viewing experience and audio playbacks for selected devices.

It even supports video streaming and it can also be extended considerably with a variety of downloadable plug-ins. This not only helps in adding additional features to a media player but also allows integrating with streaming services and other programs.

Download VLC Player Apk For Android: Steps

VLC Player App is not only restricted to Windows and iOS PCs, but it has also marked its presence in handheld devices like Android smartphones. So, now you will find the application for easy downloading in the Google Play Store.

  • Users that are already registered with Play Store can find the application for safe and faster downloading on their respective devices.
  • Launch the Google Play Store if you are already registered and use the dedicated search bar of the play store
  • From the search bar, you have to search for VLC Media Player App. Enter the name of the application manually on the search bar and click the search key
  • A search result will be provided to you and from the result, you need to click on the “Cone” icon of the VLC Media Player App to start the downloading process. Depending upon the speed of the internet, the downloading may take a bit longer. So, have patience until the downloading is over.
  • As the downloading gets completed, the installation process would start automatically. When the installation would get over you will find the shortcut icon of the application on the home screen of the device.
  • Go to the home screen of the device and double click the icon to launch the application and enjoy streaming videos and movies on the media player.

What is the Catch in VLC Player App?

Well, VLC Player App as said supports a variety of streaming services including MPEG and DivX formats and lets you play videos as it is downloading. This are the amazing features as you can stream the starting of the videos while downloading and decide if it is worth downloading in full length. The media player is also effective in playing the ZIP files without even having to unzip the files individually. Moreover, it comes with a built-in volume bar which allows you to increase the voice of the voice up to 200%, especially when it has very low audio.

VLC Player App can also be used for searching the album covers. It comes with a built-in playlist function that enables you to play multiple movies or videos at once simultaneously. This feature is very effective when you have downloaded any video in different parts or desire to stream several small videos.

User Experience with VLC Player App:

VLC Player App is not just an application; it is actually a lifesaver for many. From allowing you to open videos in varied formats which your device may not support listening to music in the age-old format, VLC Media Player is designed to offer you all these benefits. It is actually the ultimate entertainment world that works for you when you need the most. VLC Media Player is all in one player that is well versed with all the updates and changes that took place in technology over the years and considering the changes VLC media player is updated regularly. This makes it is your own go-to application for all types of media playbacks.

VLC Player comes with some exceptional tools and features to tweak the audio and video playbacks. It supports multiple formats that no other players have supported for years. The application is super fast and it does multiple things without spyware, ads and other additional tools. Factors like a variety of interface skins, huge library of add-ons and more make VLC Player App the Swiss Army Knife of the digital media today. Although the standard interface may not seem stylish at times, the functions and features are superb and they are good enough to be considered as the prime media player both for video and audio playbacks.

Once it is installed on your device you can enjoy all its great features including playing all types of videos and audio formats, playlist to optimize and organize all the multimedia formats, easy audio and video navigation with swipe/touch/slide controls for controlling seeking, brightness and volume controls. It gives you the option to browse through the individual directories to find the multimedia files exclusively. It gives you the option to enjoy the online video streams within a single media player.

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